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TEB Business and Private Banking

Professional | Teamwork | 2018-2020 | TEB and I-AM Istanbul

During my time at I-AM Istanbul, I was involved in the design processes of both private and business banking applications for TEB, a prominent Turkish financial institution and a partner of BNP Paribas Group. Collaborating closely with diverse teams, companies and users seeking a smart financial companion, I enhanced online banking experiences by tailoring solutions to their unique needs.

My Key Learnings

  • Stakeholder mangement

  • Paper prototyping

  • Automation & privacy integration

  • Designing engaging illustrations and dialogs

  • Financial literacy (Foreign trade, transfers and investments)

My Role

  • User research

  • System analysis

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Lo-fi prototyping

  • Usability testing

  • UI design


TEB (Turkish Economy Bank)

Other Team Members

Yasemin Çökmez

and many others

Project Highlights for the Business Banking

TEB-Business- Hero.png


TEB has been serving diverse business customers of varying scales, from multinational businesses to regional SMEs. To exceed its competitors, their internet banking platform required an upgrade. So our focus was transforming TEB's online banking platform into the ultimate choice for business customers seeking a seamless experience. 

The research findings pointed to the need for “control in managing the finances”, day-to-day and in the long term.


The project explores the following:

  • "How might we simplify the tax payment process?”

  • “How might we get customers to feel supported in managing their cash?”

Exploration & System Analysis

  • Desk Research*
    Netnography and competitor analysis

  • Workshops*
    with various business units

* indicates my involvement, as I joined the project during the wireframing phase.


To comprehend business requirements, customers' financial needs and behaviours we conducted

  • Face-to-face  interviews*
    with TEB customers and our stakeholders at TEB

  • Observational Studies*
    with TEB customers

To make sense of the gathered information throughout the exploration phase and understand the system, the following methods had been applied:

  • Proto Persona

  • Affinity Diagramming

  • User Journey Mapping*


Design & Test

Design & Test

The new platform provides full transparency of financial transactions, covering various accounts of various banks, and also the overview of the current status, past and upcoming transactions. Putting AI into work, we designed cash flow forecast notifications that analyse expense and revenue patterns in the past and allow customers to be ready for future challenges and opportunities.

In order to test and deliver the concept, the following methods were used:

  • UX design
    More than 120 user flows were designed

  • Usability Test*
    13 distinct modules were tested with usability testing sessions with TEB customers. I was active in prototyping and testing the Foreign Trade module.

  • UI Design*
    The visual concept was generated and +800 screens along with the design system were created. I was involved in designing Foreign Trade, Dashboard and Investment flows.

TEB-Business-Usability test.png

Foreign Trade


Project Highlights for the Private Banking



To serve its private customers through a mobile application (CEPTETEB), TEB has been working with I-AM Istanbul. When I joined the team, the application was already designed and live. As the financial needs evolved and transformed with time, during my involvement I designed several screens and flows and redesigned some others according to the existing design system, light and dark themes while continuing to extend it.


Our focus was to continue providing a seamless, simple and engaging experience for TEB's online banking platform for private customers.

My Involvement

Some of the projects I've been involved in for the private platform:

  • Becoming a customer flow optimization (automated onboarding processes, enabling users to submit necessary documents online with automated verifications among others)

  • Log-in screen variations (including seasonal and theme changes)

  • Implementation of verification checks

  • Investment and savings flow enhancements

  • Creation of various dialogues

  • Development of custom illustrations

  • Improving the design system

All of these initiatives were executed for both Android and iOS systems, covering both light and dark modes.

Exploration & System Analysis

  • Desk research*
    Netnography and competitor analysis

  • Meetings*
    with various business units

  • Face-to-face interviews*
    with CEPTETEB customers

  • Observational studies*
    with CEPTETEB customers

Design &

  • Lo-fi prototyping*
    I used paper prototyping and sketches

  • Usability test*
    I tested some flows with usability testing sessions depending on their complexity.

  • UI design*
    I designed interfaces according to the user's needs. I included the additions to the Design System when a new element were introduced. 


Fund & Investment:
From low to high-fidelity 🚀

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