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I'm Ece. As a UX/UI designer, I've taken part in several projects spanning e-commerce to healthcare since I gained my degree in Product Design in 2017. With a recent master's degree in Interaction Design from Malmö University, I'm currently engaged in volunteering at the ReDI School of Digital Integration Malmö, where I organise and lead UX/UI design courses tailored to empower women to acquire tech skills. I describe myself as curious, eager to learn more and social. Apart from work and learning new things, I like chess, tennis and drawing flowers.


Based in Malmö, Sweden


TUR | Native
NG | Advance
SWE | Intermediate

ITA | Beginner


Figma, Sketch, Adobe Xd
Rhinoceros, SolidWorks, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, V-ray, Keyshot, Procreate, Arduino


09.2021 - 01.2023

UX/UI Designer
ASK Consultancy / United Kindom

Providing part-time outsource UX/UI design service to LC Waikiki. 

  • Run user-centred research processes

  • Analyse research outcomes and generate design concepts

10.2020 - 08.2021

Customer Experience Specialist


Providing CX / UX design and research in retail to LC Waikiki, a retail company that has several physical and online stores all around the globe. 

  • Run user-centred research processes

  • Analyse research outcomes and generate design concepts

09.2019 - 08.2021

Design Coach

HUB 21 / Turkey

Tutoring on weekends at HUB 21 Learning Station which creates an environment where children innovate and learn

  • Prepare and run workshops with children around design and creativity

11.2018 - 10.2020

UX Designer

I-AM Istanbul / Turkey

Providing UX / UI design and research services to a number of sectors, ranging from banks, retailers and telemedicine

  • Identify problems through the qualitative and quantitative research

  • Conduct workshops with clients and stakeholders to define their objectives

09.2018 - 11.2018

Product Designer

Userspots / Turkey

Providing freelance services to design IoT products

09.2022 - Present

Volunteer UX/UI Teacher
ReDI School of Digital Integration Malmö / Sweden

Supporting to prepare and conduct UX/UI design courses in the community to support women to integrate into the society

10.2023 - Present

UX/UI/CX Design Consultant

Freelance - Hybrid

 Malmö / Sweden

Providing UX/UI/CX Design services across diverse sectors with ongoing projects

  • Collaborating closely with clients and stakeholders to understand their business objectives, conduct user research, and translate insights into effective design solutions.

Volunteer Experience

09.2020 - 08.2021

Support Team Member

OpenIDEO Istanbul Chapter / Turkey

Supporting to conducting design workshops in the design community in Turkey.


06.2017 - 07.2017

Product Design Intern

Vestel / Turkey

Product design internship in electronics

  • Run user-centred research processes

  • Analyse research outcomes and generate design concepts

06.2015 - 08.2015

Product Design Intern

Ford / Turkey

Product design internship in automotive design

  • Run user-centred research processes

  • Analyse research outcomes and generate design concepts


08.2021 - 06.2023

M.Sc of Interaction Design

Malmö University / Sweden

Thesis Project I

U-Med: Circular model to reduce medication waste

Thesis Project II
urStory | A tool to connect generations through memories and experiences

Building Ocean Habits

Platform to develop habits connected to ocean literacy and ocean care


Platform that connects leftover materials from organizations to designers

09.2013 - 08.2017

B.Sc of Industrial Product Design

Istanbul Technical University / Turkey

GPA: 3.09

Graduation Project

ENT Inspection Kit: A portable medical device that is designed for ENT (Ear Nose Throat) doctors who operate and diagnose outside of the hospitals

Certificates & Awards


Leapfrogs Scholarship 2023

Lund University / Sweden

Received this scholarship for my first master's thesis, U-Med, in the summer of 2023 to support its further development.


Accessibility: How to Design for All

certification issued by the Interaction Design Foundation

Distinction: Top 10% Course Taker
Gained expertise in accessibility basics, compliance, code optimisation, design challenges, inclusive strategies, and comprehensive accessibility testing


Ranked 2nd

Carte D’or Packaging
Design’ Competition’18

Unilever / Turkey

This competition was conducted by Unilever for the Carte D'or ice cream brand to improve its container design and encourage the Carte D'or experience. The concept proposed is called LegRiso which is an ice cream container inspired by Lego and Tetris games.

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