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Professional | Teamwork | 2020 | Tekhnelogos and I-AM Istanbul

The Galenclinic mobile app is designed for Tekhnelogos company based in Istanbul by I-AM Istanbul. It provides access to physicians without any contact, especially during the pandemic period, and makes the treatment process remote and accessible. It aims to reduce the extra density in clinics.


This project is my final one at I-AM Istanbul, providing me with the chance to lead from the kickoff to the handover of visual design.

My Key Learnings

  • Stakeholder engagement through leading meetings and workshops

  • Analysis of workflows and user journeys in healthcare

  • Concept development 

  • Netnograpphy

  • Conversational UI

My Role

  • User research

  • System analysis

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Prototyping

  • Usability testing

  • End-to-end UX design

  • UI design (partial)


Tecknelogos in Istanbul, Turkey

Other Team Members

Mert Can Meral

Yasemin Çökmez

Project Highlights

Galen - Hero - Final.png


"How might we strategically enhance and optimize GalenClinic's digital health ecosystem to attract, engage, and retain users, fostering trust, revenue growth, and overall brand prominence?"

Design Process

In this project, I explored the notions of health professionals and patients towards providing and accessing remote healthcare. I followed user-centred design and participatory design approaches to develop a telemedicine application design concept.

Exploration & System Analysis


As well as providing the right service to our clients and understanding their requirements, to answer the users' needs around accessing healthcare online and physicians' needs towards providing remote health service, I followed the following methods:

  • Research & analysis
    Netnography, benchmark, analysis of research provided by the client

  • Workshops with the stakeholder
    Character Definition, Business and User Definition

    To foster a shared understanding of look and feel, and client and user objectives, facilitating collaborative ideation and joint development of innovative ideas. As an outcome of these workshops, I identified the following with the stakeholders:

    • 8 business and product goals

    • 6 Proto-persona​ and user goals

    • Archetype: Hero and Caregiver

    • Character definition: Simple, warm and comforting

  • Face-to-face & semi-structured interviews
    With Patients, patient families and doctors

To make sense of the gathered information throughout the exploration phase and understand the system, I applied the following methods:

  • Affinity diagramming

  • User journey mapping


Design & Test

Design & Test

GalenClinic especially targets white-collar employees with busy work schedules, chronically ill patients who need to meet with doctors, seniors with reduced mobility and do not want to enter the hospital environments, families with children and users with limited access to the hospital.

In order to test and deliver, I used the following methods:

  • UX design with job stories
    I created the job stories according to the concept and designed the wireframes end-to-end on Sketch.

  • Usability Test
    I tested lo-fi prototypes with 5 users from different backgrounds on InVision.

  • UI Design
    I handed the wireframes to the UI team. After the visual concept was defined, I helped the team complete the visuals.

Target Group

From low to high-fidelity 🚀


Final Design

Galenclinic application provides access to physicians without any contact, especially during the pandemic period, and makes the treatment process remote and accessible. Algorithms supported by artificial intelligence ensure that the patient is directed to the most accurate clinic according to her symptoms, thus preventing an extra density in polyclinics. The application also allows for the safe storage and tracking of health data. Users such as parents and adults who have older parents can create profiles for their loved ones and track their health processes too.

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